Friday, September 27, 2013

Why Goodreads API is a Fraud and the Site Needs to be Taken Down.

Why Goodreads API is a fraud and the site needs to be taken down.

The goodreads site has been corrupted beyond redemption. Short of dumping everything and starting over there is no hope of saving it.
Here are a few examples of how the stalker troll gang operates. This is maliciously rating books down to intentionally hurt the sales of books, incurring real monetary damages on authors.

Here is a book and it's rating on Amazon.

This book is rated 4.25 stars legitimately on the venue where it's sold.
Yet on goodreads this same book has been maliciously down rated to this:

The reason for this is since the goodreads shake-up to supposedly stop personal attacks on authors this book has been 1-stared a dozen times actually making the situation worse not better.
Here's another example:

This book is rated 4.25 stars legitimately on the venue where it's sold.
Yet again on goodreads this same book has been maliciously down rated to this:

This goes for all my books, all my friends books, every author ever mentioned on STGRB, and god knows how many others.
Since goodreads boasts 20 million members and 25 million reviews the likelihood there is any fix for this damage done to author's livelihood and goodreads short of rebooting the whole site and starting over is nil.

So now the question remains who is gonna pay for the million in lost revenue cause by these trolls. Clearly the liability falls squarely on goodreads. Regardless of any disclaimers of not being responsible for content put on the site by members falls apart in the face of the fact goodreads has been made aware of this problem but has refused to do a thing.

Even more damaging is the fact they have a policy of banning authors who complain of this problem thereby condoning and contributing to the problems.

So any pretense of innocence on the part of goodreads will fail in a lawsuit.

Here is proof the fraudulent ratings can and will be pulled by the Goodreads API:

These fraudulent ratings must be removed from goodreads but the likelyhood of anyone going through 20 million accounts to find them is impossible. That is why goodreads has to be removed. There simply is no way to repair the damage. Simply stated Goodreads is damaged beyond repair.
Sadly the very same people who intentionally destroyed goodreads are now invading the Booklikes site.

Here are three no-read attack reviews that I've found on Booklikes so far. I am sure there will be many more to come.

Booklikes also has an API and those vindictive, fraudulent ratings being imported from goodreads will also be pulled from the booklikes API. Regardless of what they say hiding the fraudulent info does not stop the data from being pulled, only removing it does.

The influx of false date from the new members, the stalker trolls from goodreads, must be stopped. It already may be too late since the trolls have been uploading their filth there for the last week. So much so they've had to add servers to hold it all. Very bad for authors and very bad for Booklikes.

There will be no relief from the stalker trolls until we manage to get legislation passed that addresses their gang-related activity and the malicious use of aliases. We can track down individual trolls and bring legal actions, we can sympathize with attacked authors, we can target trolls using aliases but legislation is the only thing that will stop them.

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